Cruising the San Juans: Part 5

Cruising the San Juans: Part 5

West Sound to Stuart Island

In this episode, we leave West Sound where we anchored between Double Islands which had us caught in a wind funnel. We are headed off to Reid Harbor. There are a few things we wish we had caught on camera. This first was when we were coming into San Juan Channel. We did not realize that the ferry lane went between Crane Island and Shaw Island. All of the sudden we heard a big horn blow and looked behind us. Oh Crap! There was a ferry telling us to get out of the way. We made a quick turn port to make sure we didn’t get run over.

stuart island swing

The second moment was funnier more than anything. We got into Reid Harbor and needed to pump out. I had done some research and noted that there was a pump out barge. We had no problems getting tied up with it. As we checked out the situation, the deck fitting on one pump was in very bad shape. It was lined with duct tape a someone tried to make a homemade fitting. The other pump had a better-looking fitting, but the handle was broken that you use to pump out. Let me explain a little clearer. This pump out barge does not have electricity, so it needs to be pumped manually to create suction. We ended up taking the better fitting and putting it on the pump which had a handle. We soon realized that it wasn’t a great seal, and nothing was happening. We then took some duct tape and put it onto the end of the fitting to create a better seal. Then Stephanie started pumping with the very long handle. It was hilarious to watch. You really needed some elbow grease and stamina to make this work.

turn point light sign

We then found a nice little cove area to drop anchor. Once we felt comfortable that the anchor had grabbed, we went to the state park dock to check things out. After looking around, we knew what we were going to do the next day. We were taking the hike to Turn Point Lighthouse.

steph and jim at turn point light

This was such a pretty walk. We saw gorgeous scenery on the way and a beautiful view when we got there. On our way back we ran across a little family of deer. We couldn’t help ourselves but to take a couple pictures as they walked within about 50 feet from us.

stuart island deer



Check back next week as we visit Roche Harbor and do some hiking on Sucia Island!

Sail On!





turn point light

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