Sailing to an engagement session

Sailing to an engagement session

For those of you who are new to Life at Six Knots and who don’t already know, Jim and I are make most of our income doing wedding photography. If you want to check out our work or learn more about Jim and Stephanie Sutherlin, Wedding Photographers, check out our website by clicking the link.

Kasey and Gabe are our very first wedding clients in Washington. When we heard that Gabe had proposed at Brownsville Marina, we knew right away that they our kind of clients. And when they suggested the marina was a place they might like to shoot their engagement session, we were stoked!

We woke up the morning of the session to blue skies and just enough wind. The video below documents our afternoon prepping the boat for sailing, cruising to Brownsville and a bit of our session with Kasey and Gabe!



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