Overnight Sail to Tacoma

Overnight Sail to Tacoma

We’ve lived aboard Willow for six months now, and when we look back at the number of trips we’ve made in her, it’s a little sad. Of course, most of it isn’t our fault. We moved aboard at the end of fall and have lived through one of the Pacific Northwest’s nastiest winters in recent history. On a boat. As new sailors, the idea of getting out there in wet and windy conditions wasn’t appealing to us. For safety reasons as well as comfort.

But a couple of weekends ago, we decided it would be fun to sail down to Tacoma when our friend, Sue, who was also our boat broker, invited us to come down for dinner. The weather wasn’t supposed to be beautiful, but it wasn’t supposed to be too wet or too windy, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to venture outside of our little Liberty Bay bubble.

Though we didn’t have much good sailing wind, the trip was a learning experience for us, and we got to know our boat and her capabilities a little bit better. Though it probably won’t be for a while now (more on this to come!), we are excited to get back out on the water and learn even more about our boat we call home.



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