Welcome to Life at Six Knots!

Welcome to Life at Six Knots!

Hi there! And welcome to Life at Six Knots! We are Jim and Stephanie (and Katie, the boat dog!) and we live on a 36 foot sailboat in the Pacific Northwest. Here we will chronicle our life aboard as well as our sailing adventures, some projects on the boat, probably some recipes and tons of photos, since we are photographers and that’s pretty much what we do.

This is not a sailing blog (though there will be plenty of that!). It’s a life blog that revolves around sailing. The video below will explain a bit about how we got here and why we decided to sell most of our worldly possessions and move onto a boat.

If you have questions, comments or are interested in learning more about us and Willow, feel free to comment below. And please follow us on social media for up to the minute updates on our life at six knots!

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